Golf course management superintendents - 2 inch cups without the putting green traffic burn 2 inch putting cups, without the golf traffic burn!

For those superintendents that spend the extra time placing 2″ putting cups in, thank you!

How do you keep your putting green in excellent condition while having the 2″ cups installed is pretty tough to do, unless you move those often, the burn in is pretty significant from the golfer spike mark traffic. What if you had a movable 2″ cup that could go in any standard size pre-cut putting hole on the practice putting green! GreenAdePro gives you that a movable putting aid! Flexibility for the practicing golfer, and minimizes the spike mark burn. Minimize the damage, lower manpower costs!

Golf course management - stressed green
Golf course management - 2 Inch cups
Allow the 2″ cup experience anywhere on your practice putting green