It really helps with the speed feedback, line and control “Shane Bertsch

To whom it concerns, 

I would like to give my actual experience with GREENADEPRO. I was part of the Golf Galaxy top 20 in Sales for a top Golf Vendor that was part of our private product expo in Florida this year. I had received my GREENADEPRO before I went and knew I was part of a competition for top 20, so of course I thought There would be some part of it I would have to putt. I threw in the GREENADEPRO (EASY TO THROW IN) to hopefully use practice my putting if I got the chance. I did get the chance to use it and in just a short amount of time practicing, I noticed my putting improving and hitting the center of the cup more often! This was very instrumental in the success I had in the competition that night, I got 2nd place out of 20 good competitors!

Just try it and you will see success too!! 

Sarah Hubbard